31c0n Brand and Web Design

Aura Information Security were wanting to branch out and host an Information Security event where people could see some of the world’s most respected and revered security researchers. The event was over the course of two days.

They had decided on the name 3"1c0n" a play on the ubiquitous assembly instruction "xor eax, eax" which compiles to opcode "31c0". 
Our brief was to create a visual identity and website that would connect with the target audience and creatively position 31c0n powered by Aura as leaders in the Information Security sector.

Visit 31c0n here.


Agency J. Walter Thompson
Role Art Director
Client Aura 
Year 2016
Brand Generation // Web Design


Creative Director Mike Ramsey
Account Director Lisa Rixon
Art Director Sasha Fowler
Front-End Developer Martin Ravina
Front-End Developer
Thi Senaratne

31c0n_Seminar_100percent-2880 × 144031c0n_Seminar_100percent-2880 × 1440