OREO Towers

OREO Towers was a retail promotion giving New Zealanders the chance to win a $10k family trip,

Leveraging AR technology, people could enter by purchasing any OREO product and heading online to play. The game was drawing on the age old notion of stacking cookies to create the tallest tower, with the number of cookies stacked correlating to the number of entries a player receives in the draw. Each player had three lives to stack as many cookies as they could. The online game was also available on desktop and mobile.


Agency , Ogilvy NZ
Role Creative, Senior Digitial Designer
Client Mondeleze - Oreo
Year 2021
Creative Conceping. // Art Direction // Digital Design 
Web design // Animation


Creative Director Chris Schofield
Design/ Animation Sasha Fowler
UX/Ui Anthony Brosnan
Digital Producer Maddie Newland